New Materials in Sportswear

Who doesn’t want a good fitting and stylish tee shirt, whether it is for casual wear, working out, or running? In today’s market, the consumer demands high quality function and great styling and fashion. There are so many options when it comes to style and color. The many color options were not available as they are now. The bright neon colors, for example, are very popular for runners. We have customers in Cape Girardeau, MO that purchase custom screen printed or custom embroidered shirts for races. A tee shirt makes a great advertising banner for a charity or business. Today many people wear performance wear – from corporations, to athletes, to the everyday type of person. It is comfortable to wear and is appropriate to wear in a lot of businesses today. A custom silk screened t-shirt or a custom golf shirt that has embroidery in businesses is very common. The employee is not only comfortable in the shirt and is professional looking, but is a walking billboard that advertises for your company.

One of the high tech materials that is very common is a moisture wicking or dri-fit type. This is a 100% polyester shirt, but it has special qualities and function. This material actually pulls the moisture from the wearer’s body. The result is that the wearer is much more comfortable in this type of tee shirt. There are many options as far as color and style are concerned with the moisture wicking material. They come in t-shirts, golf shirts, women’s styles, many colors, etc.

Give us a call and we would love to share with you the advances in performance wear. We give free quote requests always.

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