Outerwear Trends to Look For

The outerwear and fleece categories are very popular to most buyers because of the changes we are all experiencing in weather patterns. We had a very hard winter in 2014 in the Midwest. The quick changes in the weather have made outerwear pieces a necessity when the sun sets and takes the warmth with it, or when the skies open up with rain or snow. Here are some things to consider when buying custom screen printed and custom embroidered fleece and outerwear.

  1. Strategic placement of thermal and moisture lining
  2. Earth tones that complement the design. One of the biggest trends that we are seeing is the use of earth tones or neutral colors. These colors are inspired by Mother Nature.
  3. Making the small details count. Details count both in function and style. Some of these details would include tone-on-tone decoration to a clean design and laser cut pockets and seams which are designed to create less bulk and abrasion.
  4. Visual interest with textures and patterns. Textures add visual appeal to a garment without being too loud or bold. Checkered or striped patterns offer visual interest through their design, but are subtle enough to complement any decoration.

No matter the trend or details that are available from one style to the next, the most important part of the conversation with your customer is to understand what they are really looking for and what their needs are.

Please give us a call if you are in the Cape Girardeau area. We would love to hear from you to discuss all your custom screen printing or custom embroidery needs, whether it is for tee shirts, polos, outerwear, or any other apparel.

Happy Holidays!

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