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Calling All Fraternities and Sororities

If you are a college student in the Cape Girardeau area, I have great news! We understand that you are working with very limited resources. At T-shirt Cape Girardeau MO, we don't just want to supply you with your screen printing and your embroidery, but we want to get involved as a partial sponsor in an effort to offset your limited budget. In this challenging economic environment, we can use all the help that we can get.

We have a heart for sponsorship and a passion for networking with college students. It has been our experience that there is great power in creative networking and cross promoting if done the right way.

We are well aware of the fact that if we work together in a collective effort, we can take each other places that we just could not go on our own.

The next time you are in need of some tee shirts, call us for a free estimate and we will not only give you a quote on exactly what you asked us for, but we will see what we can bring to the table as a partial sponsor in order to create a scenario that is going to be equally beneficial for both of us as well as your upcoming event.

We recommend that you call two or three other companies in order to compare apples to apples and then go with the best overall value. Then ask yourself, "Did the other silk screen company volunteer any sponsorship help?"

We have a lot of years of creative networking and cross promoting experience. It's been our experience that by working together in the right capacity as well as applying the correct strategies, we can potentially compliment one another tremendously.

It is our goal to create a scenario where you are as comfortable acquiring your tee shirts from us as we are making them for you.

Would you mind letting us put our logo on the back of the shirt as one of your sponsors? How about on a sleeve? Maybe you would allow us to display a banner at your next event in exchange for some discounted apparel?

There are many different ways we can go about this. Why don't you call one of our representatives and schedule a meeting where we can all sit down at a table and come up with some practical solutions.

We absolutely love college kids! We're well aware of the fact that most college students are working with very limited resources. They normally have great ideas and know where they want to go, but just don't have the means to get there.

Give us a call and let's see if by working together in a collective effort, we can take each other places that we could not go on our own.

Our staff has many years of T-shirt printing and custom embroidery experience under its belt and can assist you in the process of establishing camera ready color separations for your artwork.

We consider ourselves to be the silk screen printing leader in the Cape Girardeau Metropolitan area.


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