A Heartfelt Note to All Fundraisers

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If you are a Cape Girardeau based organization trying to raise funds, you are definitely going to want to check this out! Are you trying to raise money for an upcoming Charity walk coming up next year? Perhaps you are going to be hosting an upcoming golf tournament in order to raise funds for a worth while cause this summer?

We pride ourselves in being able to think outside the box when it comes to networking and cross promoting with other organizations, in order to try and bring something worthwhile to the table.

Sure, we will be more than happy to give you a quote on your silk screen printing or embroidery requirements.

In addition to that, you will find that we have a real heartfelt passion for creative networking. It has been our experience that two organizations that are in completely different industries can often compliment one another tremendously if they work together in the right capacity. Especially if they happen to share a mutual clientele.

We get the bulk of our work two ways. The first way is repeat business. The same customer who orders short sleeve T-shirts now normally will be entertaining the idea of doing long sleeve tee shirts three or four months down the road when the season changes.

The second way that we receive the lion's share of our business is referral. We will try and work towards coming up with an effective way, where by us working together, you will be as comfortable using us to silk screen or provide you with custom embroidery on either your tee shirt or jacket requirements, as we are doing your work.

How do we do this? This can be done any number of different ways.

For example, when you decide to give us a call and request a quote, we will not only give you a bid on exactly what you asked us for, but we will try and bring something extra to the table in order to get involved as a partial sponsor.

Let's just say you called us up and requested a quote on 72 green T-shirts with a one color image on the front and a two color logo on the back. We might price those tee shirts at eight dollars a piece, small through extra-large. Then as a courtesy, we might also give you the option to acquire up to an additional 50 of those same T-shirts for just four dollars each. We would then suggest to you that you entertain reselling them for whatever the market will endure.

If you were to resell them for $14 each, then that would mean you would make an $11 profit margin on each one of those additional 50 T-shirts.

Every dollar that you recouped would directly help to offset the initial expenditure.

We would like to explore the potential of cross promoting with different organizations when it comes to raising money for various causes.

Go ahead and just ask us if we would be open to the idea of working with your organization as a partial sponsor for your next fundraiser. You have nothing to lose and it never hurts to talk it over and consider all of the possible options.

Who knows? We might even say yes.

As a Cape Girardeau provider of custom silk screen and embroidery for over 300 organizations throughout the Midwest we have some great ideas.

Our customer base ranges from major corporations to college students wanting something for their fraternity or sorority party to family reunions.

One of the main things that we pride ourselves in is the ability to be flexible. We are able to bend and not break. We do not have a set way of doing things. We are simply a fan of whatever works in an effort to put something together that is going to serve both of our interests.

We understand that communication is paramount when trying to come up with an effective strategy in order to overcome the challenges of this current economic environment.

Tee shirts make a great fund raising vehicle.

This company adheres to the biblical principle of obtaining by giving first.

We have continually applied this strategy throughout the years and have seen it come back to us ten fold.

We have a strong conviction of being loyal and trying to support the companies and organizations who support us when it comes time that we need whatever it is they might be offering. If all things are equal, we will use them every time.

If you would like to work with us in a collective effort for your next Cape Girardeau, Missouri based fundraising event, then we would welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have in order to make this endeavor a huge success.

There can be tremendous power and advantages to pooling our resources and working together in a collective effort.

We will work towards coming up with an effective strategy that will accommodate your budget limitations.

The size of your order is not necessarily relevant. Whether you are requiring 1200 pieces or even 12 pieces, we will give your T-shirt order the same respect and attention to detail.

We have vision and realize that you have to start somewhere. It is our goal that by implementing the correct strategies that we can come up with a plan of action that will reap tremendous success. It is our hope that at next year this time we can do this all over again and your custom screen printing or embroidery order will more than double.

We understand that when it comes to your T-shirt requirements you have a lot of choices.

So once you make the decision to work with us, you can be sure that we don't take that lightly!

We have been at this for well over 13 years and we would not have lasted this long if we did not know what we were doing.

So, if you were trying to find a company that can not only give you a great looking finished product, but is also more than willing to get involved as a partial sponsor, then you really need to give us a call.