T-Shirt Talk

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People have often asked me, "What is it that sets your particular company apart from all the others who do the exact same thing?". I would say that's a hard thing to answer, but if I was to just narrow it down to one or two things, I would say the most important thing is our ability to be able to communicate with our potential customer throughout the entire production process.

It seems that technology has affected every aspect of our economy and the digital t-shirt printing industry isn't certainly no exception to that rule. Technology has made it so easy to keep the human element from interacting audibly. Don't get me wrong, I think text and emails are an excellent way to keep track of whatever was agreed on and presented, but there is so much to potentially be gained by two human beings simply talking to one another.

Another huge difference between the way we do business and other Cape Girardeau embroidery companies do business is that we don't have a rigid way of doing things. We consider ourselves to be very flexible and the reason for this is that although all of our custom embroidery jobs are somewhat similar in nature, each one is still at the same time unique unto itself. They all typically come with their own unique challenges such as limited budgets that were allocated or requiring a very quick turnaround time.

Our approach is always consistent in being able to listen to our potential customer. Then we come up with creative scenarios that will hopefully offset any challenges that the customer might have in order to create a scenario where they are going to be just as comfortable acquiring their Cape Girardeau embroidery & screen printing from us as we are providing those services for them. We have always been of the opinion that if we do our job correctly, then the repeat orders along with the referrals will most likely take care of themselves. So remember, when it comes to custom t-shirt printing, we provide much more than just a great product for a wonderful price. We offer feasible solutions so that when it is all said and done, you will be glad you chose us instead of our competitors.