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Have you ever stopped to consider the impact that modern technology
has had on the screen printing and custom embroidery industry?
Technology has had a significant impact on every sector of our economy
and the T-shirt printing industry is no exception. For example, let’s
compare a modern day automatic silk screening press to a manually
operated tee shirt press that would have been used 30 years ago. A
typical manual T-shirt press would have four different arms which
would lend itself to being able to print out the four different colors
at one time. The operator would have to physically lower the arm into
position and then apply 2 to 3 passes with the squeegee before having
to raise the arm back into the upright position and then physically
spin the press into position for the next T-shirt. A good operator
could produce up to 35 shirts in an hour with a four color logo. A
modern day fully automatic press can have up to 25 arms which means it
can print up to 25 colors at a time. These arms will raise and lower
automatically with the press of a foot pedal. It can then
automatically spin into position for the next tee shirt. It is capable
of screen printing up to 300 shirts an hour with a 25 color image.
This not only expedites the production process, but saves on labor
costs. Although the equipment might cost upwards of $100,000, it more
than makes up for it by eliminating the need for more employees. When
you compare your monthly equipment payment compared to what you would
be paying the additional employees that would be needed to put out the
same amount of product, there is no comparison.

Now let’s compare the advantages that technology has offered from a
marketing perspective. 25 years ago, the average person didn’t even
own a cell phone. A business owner had to physically drive to work
every morning just to open his door so customers could place an order.
Nowadays, people find what they’re shopping for with the internet.They
simply get on a search engine and type in a search term that is
relevant to what they are interested in finding like screen printing
Cape Girardeau Mo. or possibly custom embroidery Cape Girardeau Mo. or
maybe even T-shirt printing Cape Girardeau Mo. and it takes them
directly to a website that provides that specific service.

Our website lends itself to being extremely user-friendly and easy to
navigate. The whole entire ordering process can be done online. Just
click the online catalog and pick out what type of tee shirt along
with what color and how many you are wanting to acquire. Then e-mail
your logo and we will e-mail you back a quote that is normally good
for up to two weeks. You can make your down payment by clicking the
online payment button. We use PayPal.

The entire process can be done from your kitchen table.To sum it up,
technology has had a significant impact on the silk screening and
custom embroidery industry.

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