Who We Are

This website is owned and operated by Sunburst logo LLC.

If I was to to put into one word what is it that sets us apart from every other T-shirt provider in the Cape Girardeau region, I think that one word would be be flexibility. We take a lot of pride in our ability to bend without breaking. We don't have a rigid, one way of getting things accomplished. We understand that each job that we take on is is going to be unique unto itself. Our many years of catering to our customers T-shirt requirements has taught us that communication is key when trying to come up with an arrangement where they are going to be as comfortable using us for their silkscreen and embroidery requirements as we are providing a great finished product.

My name is Mike and I am the proprietor of this proud company. We're a provider of custom silkscreen and embroidery on apparel for prominent Midwestern corporations and organizations throughout Cape Girardeau MO. As a community minded business owner, I remain dedicated to serving the needs of those who strive to improve your corporate image through custom screen printing and custom embroidery. We realize that a small silkscreen or embroidery order is going to be as vital to the success of a small group as an enormous one is to a huge organization. Respect, integrity, and attention to detail have been and will remain to be our consistent approach to fast, courteous and dependable service, regardless of dollar amount spent.

Our customer service to the Cape Girardeau region sets a gold standard, as well as the extensive experience of our seasoned custom embroidery and screen printing staff. For example, we take the extra time and effort to provide a completed sew out of your digitized logo before we actually go to press in order to ensure customer satisfaction. This way there are no unforeseen surprises when you go to open up a box of completed product. We also strongly recommend that our customers take the extra time in order to compare our quote with at least three of our competitors in the Cape Girardeau Mo area in order to fully appreciate the overall value that we are presenting. After all, how would you know if you're getting the very best possible value that you can acquire unless you have some competitive estimates to compare it to? It's our flexibility policy allows us to customize our price quote to your individual needs and budget.

To sum it all up, we are a tee shirt company who understands the textile needs of the Cape Girardeau MO clientele. In short, we understand your mission. We applaud your efforts and we're quite confident that we have the right plan of action in order to get the job done for less in this current challenging economic environment. For flexibility, integrity, value and above all, customer respect, you can always count on us for all your custom logo, screen printing and embroidery requirements. Please give serious consideration to a link to our web site. Thank you for your time.