T-Shirt Printing

Everybody has met that individual who never seems to apply himself and seems to give little or no effort and still would get straight A’s on his report card. What about the individual that can eat enjoy three to 5 buffets a week and never seems to gain an ounce. We have all dreamed about how nice it would be to be him. Learning the art of screen printing is similar in that it just comes easier for some folks than it does for others. Some people are just naturally good at T-shirt printing. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch someone else apply a silk screening technique. There is no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty with first-hand experience. An accomplished tee shirt printing veteran can appear to make it look so effortless. It usually takes years of experience In order to be what we would refer to as a pro. Our seasoned T-shirt printing staff has years of on hand experience under their belt in order to meet and cater to the most challenging pieces of art work. Most Cape Girardeau T-shirt printing companies have the ability to cater to the easy one or two color jobs but not every Cape Girardeau T-shirt shop is capable of dealing with a complicated image that would be composed of 20 to 30 colors. One of the major differences that set us apart from the other Cape Girardeau T-shirt printing websites is the fact that we actually answer our telephones when you call. We believe that clear and concise communication with our customer is of paramount importance. There is a lot to be said for communicating audibly especially when the potential customer is working within certain budget limitations and especially if the job happens to be time sensitive. Although every screen printing job is similar, every job is still going to be unique unto itself. We take the extra time to listen to our clientele in order to identify their goals. This helps lend itself to coming up with the right strategies in order to not only meet their needs, but give them the best value for each and every dollar they spend. There is an old saying in our industry; if you don’t have time to do the job in the first place, how in the world are you going to find the time to do it over again? We are so confident that we’re going to provide you with the best overall value possible, that we highly encourage you to go out and acquire at least two other competitive bids from Columbia MO screen printing websites. After all, how would you know if you’re getting the best deal you can unless you have something else to compare it to? It’s our goal to not only initially earn your business, but to provide you with your tee shirts ongoing for years to come. Our seasoned staff has the ability to take on the most difficult logos and designs. We also have access to the finest silk screen equipment that our industry currently has to offer. Give us a call and you will see why we set the gold standard when it comes to custom tee shirt printing and custom embroidery.

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