Taking Advantage of Today’s Technology

Today may be the day that you could consider starting your own screen printing or embroidery company. With today’s advanced technology, it is easier than ever to do this. Twenty five years ago this was not the case. Back then, few people owned cell phones and the World Wide Web was just invented. Technology has changed our lives and lives will never be the same. Can you remember when there were not any personal computers? Today it is rare in the USA that there is not at least one computer and/or smartphone per household. Today it is common that there are multiple computers and smartphones. We even have Smart TV’s and DVD players. Technology has created a scenario where we do not have to be tied down to a desk with a corded phone. We can contact our present customers and future customers in Cape Girardeau, MO via email or our cell phones to sell our custom screen printed t-shirts or embroidered goods. Because of this, we virtually could be doing business from our kitchen tables or on the beach. As long as there is a cell phone signal and Wifi, you can continue selling and doing business without skipping a beat. With the way that we have our company structured, the vast majority of our custom screen printing and embroidery business is done on the phone, online through our website, and email. A potential customer would most likely find us through a search engine inquiry such as Google. They would perform a relevant search, such as Cape Girardeau, MO tee shirt company, embroidery company, or maybe even custom T-shirt printing. Our company would most likely be on the first landing page. Isn’t it great that they find us? We’re not pounding the pavement, trying to find them. They are looking for our services, at the time that they have need for them. Through email, much of our business is done. From the first inquiry for custom screen printed tee shirts to submitting their payments online through a secured site. It is an amazing time to launch your screen printing and embroidery business in Cape Girardeau, MO compared to 25 years ago before the World Wide Web. The world is a much smaller place than it used to be. We can literally be doing business across the globe. We should take advantage of today’s technology.

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